The shortcut to salon success

Winning ways provide clean cut, premium salon education to salon owners who are looking for manageable, proven steps to success within the industry.

Clean cut, simple to follow masterclasses to accelerate your own salon's success

Ever wondered if there is a simple, clear cut guide to becoming a more profitable salon? Winning Ways provides that system. By following our video course masterclasses, we provide a straightforward way to making your salon successful, learning at your own pace!

A framework based on years of knowledge and success

With over 50 years knowledge and a turnover of £2.5m combined, Winning Ways founders Chris Amos of Chapters and Richard Wallace of Richard Wallace Hair run two of UK's top 1% of salons. Together over many years they have successfully mentored hundreds of others to do the same using the exact system you will learn.

Although the worlds a bit different at the moment we have been meaning to just let you know how things had changed and improved. From a financial standpoint it's been quite a turn around-as we broke even for the first quarter in around 4 years, and were even on the road to being profitable. We have also grown a whopping 32% from 2019 year end to 2020. We have seen massive and very much needed changes in ourselves as much as the business in that time. If we hadn't have met you guys we have no doubt in our mind that we wouldn't still have the salon, we say regularly we owe our salon to you both!

Charlotte & Kirsty

Thank you on two counts.... One for all of the brilliant training from Winning Ways. Without Winning Ways I’m sure that Illusions would not have carried on and would never have evolved into Gareth Charles! The education I have received has been invaluable and really I’ve only begun to scratch the surface in implementing all I have learned. Secondly, we’ve had our biggest turnover ever this week....well, so far!! I know these are unprecedented times but we’ve taken almost double our average week! Thank you!


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