business training for salon owners by salon owners

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Salon advice that will improve your profit, lower your stress and motivate your team


Winning Ways faces up to the reality of the times we are in, and offers salon owners with an alternative proven ways of increasing profit, lower your stress and change the way you think about your business forever.

Our 5 day Foundation Course will give you direction, motivation and leadership qualities plus practical day-to-day skills and knowledge to make your salon profitable and successful.


Great hairdressing skills alone will not be enough to succeed in the future.

This first day has been “a life changing day” for many Salon Owners attending this 5 day Business Fundamentals course.

Understanding the 5 Pillars of Leadership, takes you from being a hairdresser with a salon, to a business owner, who is in the business of hairdressing.


Keeping the complicated simple! Three key areas, pricing, wages and profit. A must attend day for any salon owner.

How do you know if your prices are working for you or against you?

We unravel the mystery that surrounds hairdressing wages.

How much profit should I make and is it enough?

Money Extra

This is a follow on from 'Money', It will enable you to fully understand and implement the key areas that lay the foundations to grow your business with confidence.

This additional day covers:

Breaking Even, Benchmarking, Wage Structures, Pricing Analysis and Tracking your performance.

This day also includes advice on developing a plan for exiting your business for when you are ready to hang up your scissors and enjoy a well deserved retirement.


You can't do it on your own.

Stop getting frustrated, start getting wealthy.

Communicate effectively with your team.

Overcoming the challenge of confrontation.

Create a culture of raving fans.


Great, even on a bad day!

How do I create a consistent visit for every client?

Why some salons can charge more for their service, and it's not the haircut.

Where the most successful salons focus, that gives them the advantage.

Develop a business that works even when you're not there.